- introducing 1-Scan checkout, the simple and secure way to pay online.

No forms

Groosker uses QR codes to handle payments. You just scan and accept - no more entering credit card information.

We keep track of your shipping addresses and automatically log you into your favorite sites and allow you to earn loyalty rewards.


We never send your credit card information over the Internet to the merchant. Your information is stored in a secured vault for further use. It's easy for merchants and secure for you.

We also notify you every time a merchant charges your account.


Scan – Verify – Accept

With Groosker, your phone is your wallet. It’s as easy as that. You scan the code, verify the information and accept the payment.

For merchants and web developers, we have an easy to use API accessible by any system. Take a peek here.

If you're a merchant and want to reward loyal customers, it has never been easier.

Groosker in Action

Visit the charity demo store!

See how easy paying with Groosker can be. Click here to simulate a Groosker payment through our mock store.

Visit the demo newspaper!

See how easy micro payments for content can be using Groosker. Click here to read the Groosker Tribune.

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