How it works:

  1. Your application request a payment and receives a token and a link to a Groosker QR code.
  2. Your application display the QR code to the user
  3. The user scans the QR code with his cell phone and decided whether to accept or decline the payment
  4. Your application gets notified about the outcome
  5. You get paid within 7 days

QR codes in Groosker

A QR code in Groosker represents a potential transaction. The transactions is completed if the user accepts it.

What happens when a user accepts the QR code

When the user scans the QR code he will be given information about the purchase. The price, information about the merchant (you) and optionally shipping information.

In the basic case the user choose to accept or decline the payment. I any case you will get a notification. If the transaction was completed your Groosker account will be credited.

Out payments

You can decide how often you receive payments. We have a small charge for making out payments corresponding to our expenses. You can make rules to optimize your out payments and always override this at the dashboard.

What are the advantages of Groosker

No need for the user to fill in any forms

Groosker automatically fills in shipping address and other user information

Safe - No transmission of credit card data

A Groosker user does not send any sensitive data to merchant. If you are a merchant it means that you do not have store any sensitive information - making your life easier and your services more secure.

Simple to use, simple to get started

Try the tutorial to get started!